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An Ugly American Presents $PUTZ

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Contract Address: 5jUzPwRAg4XLVqrkyjUoCu75BAvkXF3fNKnUsi2KjbNe

Important Stuff

We burnt the liquid. No taxes. No new minting. No revoking, No bullshit. Join us!

An Ugly American Meme Coin Crypto



An Ugly American, world renowned for his valuable insights in politics, economic and current events, has parlayed this experience to becoming one of the world’s foremost meme coin experts. An Ugly American, often referred to as “the Stepfather of Crypto” has created a brilliant following though literature, social media and now via An Ugly American Meme.

Winner of “Meme 2000” in Paris, Trustee of the Asian Society for Meme Economies and certified by the Crypto Conference Board Division 1, An Ugly American is interested in YOU! What are your favorite memes? Send them for us to review and get An Ugly American’s seal of approval. An Ugly American is proud to be an uninformed, rude, arrogant typical Ugly American, who comments on crypto, current events, AI, blockchain, politics and news. It’s fresh, it’s current and it’s funny!

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An Ugly American – What’s Newt?

An Ugly American – What’s Newt?

CA: 5jUzPwRAg4XLVqrkyjUoCu75BAvkXF3fNKnUsi2KjbNe Twitter: @uglyamericannow TELEGRAM

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Total Supply:

The total won’t get bigger. The more we buy, the less there are. 850,000.000 circulating.

LP Burned

We’ve all been burned. Relationships. Jobs. Now we burned all the LP.

No Tax

An Ugly American hates taxes. You bought ’em. You own ’em. Do what you want with them.

Market CAP

Changes daily. Check out 

Ticker: $PUTZ

Don’t be a putz… how come your Phantom wallet ain’t open yet?

Mint Revoked

100% of it. No minting. No games. 

How to Buy $PUTZ


STEP 1: Open or create your Phantom wallet.

An Ugly American - Cake


STEP 2: Buy SOLANA and send it to your wallet. Purchase Solana ($SOL) on a cryptocurrency exchange and transfer it to your Phantom wallet.

An Ugly American - SOL Talks


STEP 3: Connect your wallet to a decentralized exchange like Jupiter or Raydium. You can also go to Dextools, DexScreener, Birdeye, Geckoterminal or use Photon or Shuriken.

An Ugly American - My Way


STEP 4: Swap SOL for $PUTZ. Buy $PUTZ. Select $PUTZ Token (An Ugly American) as the desired token and enter the amount you wish to purchase. Always make sure you are using the correct Contract Address: 5jUzPwRAg4XLVqrkyjUoCu75BAvkXF3fNKnUsi2KjbNe

An Ugly American - SOL

How We Gonna Get There?


  • Expand Offerings To More Exchanges

  • Use Our Star Power To Increase Community Involvement

  • Continue Promoting An Ugly American Meme Coin at Events

  • Go Content Crazy With YouTube

  • Get Community Ugly American Videos

  • Private Airdrops

  • Public Airdrops

  • Use the Damn AI

  • Keep Media Pressure On

  • Approve and Endorse Community Memes

  • Take Off 10 Minutes for Coffee

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Disclaimer: $PUTZ is a meme coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. Don’t risk money you are afraid of losing. The price may go up or it may go down. We are not responsible for the price of the token. This is not financial advice. This is for entertainment purposes only.